11. Energy

Review class discussion points

Required readings for this week: Robertson: Ch. 9

Additional assignments for this week:

  1. Watch this video about innovations in renewable energy. Think about how institutions such as FGCU could create a self-sufficient micro-grid. What components could be complimentary to that, to make FGCU part of a broader web of integrated sustainability solutions – what might that look like, and what might that feel like to be part of?
  2. Watch this PSA / anti-corruption video.

Do you feel that the transition to a green new deal or a blue new deal is being impeded by political interests and corporate lobbying? How can you be proactive about your role in changing the culture of institutionalized corruption in US politics? Do you think a deliberate campaign of misinformation makes these issues worse?

Are you on track?

  • Up to date on your required reading?
  • Tracked your intention today?
  • Watched the videos required for class?
  • Submitted your Discipline-specific written project? Don’t forget to list your final word count – 500 words minimum (due now)