8. Climate change

Review class discussion points

Required readings for this week: Robertson: Ch. 3

Additional assignments for this week:

Check out the Surging Seas Risk Finder for sea-level rise risks in your area, or an area you are curious about. Look at the different modeling scenarios for each degree in temperature increase. It is likely very difficult to really grasp future climate scenarios such as sea-level rise, and how much these changes will affect us. How does this make you feel – like taking action or paralyzed and disempowered, do you even believe it, is it important to you, does it make you feel angry, sad, despondent?

Are you on track?

  • Up to date on your required reading?
  • Tracked your intention today?
  • Checked out the dangers of sea-level rise in your area yet?
  • Submitted your ‘Reflection Research’ essay? Don’t forget to list the word count – 1000 word minimum (due now)
  • Beginning to draft your 500-700 word Discipline-specific written project? (due week 11)