A Warrior’s Message: Milton Born With A Tooth

“Nature, my boss, is unforgiving” states First Nations activist Milton Born With A Tooth in a powerful message on how the world must come together as global people to face our common global problem, climate change.

“The people behind the camera didn’t just choose and Indian here in Canada. They chose a warrior who has scars. I’ve got dog bites. I was gonna be put in jail for the rest of my life. I have to let you know because you need to understand that this battle that we have been fighting is real. What makes it more concerning to me as a warrior is that I understand the darknesses that’s coming. I don’t want to fight. I wish this on no one, because I am hoping that the people that go to school and become educated, like in this university where we are, I have hope, every day, that they will find a way, how to get along, and let’s get beyond the differences, and let’s move on because we don’t know when the next storm is gonna come. But if we follow nature we will at least have a chance.”

The principles of reconciliation, cooperation and mutual respect lie at the heart of Milton Born With A Tooth’s passionate plea for human solidarity and purposeful action. It is a warrior’s message on the brink of a campaign to protect our common home, the earth, and a future worth fighting for.

Schertow, John Ahni Milton Born with a Tooth on Campaign Across Canada. IC Magazine, August 7, 2006.

Bifrost gratefully acknowledges Prof. Robert Boschman of Mount Royal University and the leadership of the research network NIES for all their valuable work and support behind the scenes that helped make the interview excerpted in this video possible. Grateful acknowledgment is also made to Allan Gruber of Mount Royal University’s School of Communications Studies for providing valuable studio facilities and to the conference Under Western Skies 2016, where the interview was filmed.

Credit: Norrman, Peter, Steven Hartman and Milton Born With A Tooth. A Warrior’s Journey: Milton Born With A Tooth. Originally published in bifrostonline.org, 12 February 2018 (CC BY-SA 2.0)