Climate justice in Sápmi: Áslat Holmberg, Fisherman & politician

The indigenous Saami live in the Arctic regions of Sweden, Norway, Finland and Russia, at the frontlines of climate change. Áslat Holmberg explains how this kind of ‘green colonialism’ makes it harder and harder to keep Saami livelihoods, traditional heritage and culture alive. The number of Saami who still fish in traditional ways is rapidly declining. Áslat Holmberg is one of the few young people that still fish in traditional ways. Fishing has been key for him to gain traditional knowledge and learn the Saami language. This summer, he won’t be allowed to fish in the rivers his family has always been fishing in. New fishing regulations imposed by Norway and Finland forbid traditional Saami fishing. Even though Saami traditions prioritise nature above all else, it’s the traditional ways of fishing that are now most heavily restricted. In this video, Saami people speak their truths about what climate justice means to them. Hear more at