Gufuskálar: An eroding fishing station

The archaeological site of Gufuskálar sits on the northern tip of Snæfellsnes peninsula in Iceland. It is a late medieval fishing site of great importance that is being rapidly eroded and exposed by marine and wind erosion. Since 2008 an archaeological research has been undertaken at the site by an international team of archaeologists, environmental geologists and zoologists including an excavation of a 15th century fishing booth, field survey, test trenching, topographical survey, kite and drone photography. None of this, however, would have taken place had it not been for a resident at a local town who noticed the erosion and began to ask questions about the site. Growing interest from the community has also helped in the team’s effort to continue the research. This talk introduces the site, the challenges which have met and the progress made so far, both on excavations and in further involving the community.