Hortas Cariocas

Hortas Cariocas (HC) is an urban agroecology project based in Rio de Janeiro. Altogether, 35 gardens produce between 40-45 tons of vegetables without the use of chemical fertilizers or pesticides, to benefit approximately twenty thousand residents in underserved areas of the city. Created 12 years ago by Julio C├ęser Barros, Hortas Cariocas is an initiative of the Municipal Secretary of Conservation and the Environment. HC coproduces gardens in brownfield areas, in informal communities, and in municipal schools to bring communities into direct contact with organic urban agriculture to produce nutritious food and generate income for local gardeners. The gardens are also living labs for environmental education. Green My Favela is an independent project that has collaborated with and remains supportive in promoting the efforts of Hortas Cariocas.

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