Think Globally Radio

A radio program and podcast on the environment and sustainability in the Anthropocene

Think Globally Radio is a program based on in-depth discussions with world leading experts on far-reaching environmental and sustainability topics. Investigating the many manifestations of global environmental change and the challenges of the Anthropocene from an array of scientific, social, ethical, economic and political perspectives is the overall aim of Think Globally Radio.

The program is produced in Stockholm and draws on the broad range of expertise located in the Swedish capitol, while also engaging other policymakers, scientists, activists and other environmental advocates from all over the world. Eric Paglia, who holds a PhD. in environmental history, produces and hosts Think Globally Radio, which has been on air in Stockholm as well as on the internet as a podcast since 2002.

Credit: With grateful acknowledgement and courtesy of Eric Paglia, Think Globally Radio

Curated by Lea Rekow for BifrostOnline