4. Marine Restoration

Review class discussion points

Required readings for this week: Robertson: Ch. 7

Additional assignments for this week:

Check out the blue carbon counter. That’s a lot of heat being absorbed by the ocean. Think about all the ways can we use the ocean’s resources to reverse this and why this would be of benefit for the triple bottom line of sustainability and be meaningful to you.

Are you on track?

  • Up to date on your required reading?
  • Tracked your intention today?
  • Looked at the blue carbon counter yet?
  • Submitted your completed ‘Sense of Place’ essay? Don’t forget to list the word count – 1000 word minimum (due now)
  • Started drafting your 1000-1200 word ‘Reflection Research’ essay? (due week 8)
  • You will have received notification of approval of your service-learning project. Have you contacted the service-learning organization you will be working with?
  • (poster due week 13/ final group presentation due week 14)