9. Urbanization and Growth

Review class discussion points

Required readings for this week: Robertson: Ch. 11

Additional assignments for this week:

  1. Design a seed dispersal device (design it on the computer, prototype it in cardboard, or draw it on a piece of paper). Check out Vanessa Harden’s many covert seed dispersal devices for inspiration, or watch this drone reforestation video.
  2. Watch this vertical forest video and check out the trees.org report for a glimpse into how people are working in diverse ways to restore green cover across the planet. Think about how planting food forests could be part of this strategy.

Are you on track?

  • Up to date on your required reading?
  • Tracked your intention today?
  • Designed your seed dispersal device?
  • Watched the videos for your additional class assignments for the week?
  • Writing your 500-700 word Discipline-specific report? (due week 11)