How Cities Are Leading The Way on Climate – Mark Watts of the Cities Climate Leadership Group (C40)

How our cities are run and designed can have a huge impact on the carbon footprint we have as individuals. Is there convenient and affordable transit available for example? Or are the buildings heated and cooled efficiently? Fortunately, cities around the world are increasingly making their planning decisions with climate emissions in mind. In fact, actions by cities have been a rare bright spot in an otherwise mostly stagnant decade when it comes to climate action. We speak to Mark Watts – who leads a group called the Cities Climate Leadership Group (C40) made up of some of the world’s biggest cities that are working to reduce their emissions – about some of the ways that cities are leading the way on climate sustainability. We talk some of the innovative policies and infrastructure that cities around the world are putting in place to reduce their emissions, such as Bus Rapid Transit, district heating, congestion charges, and organic waste collection.