Resilience for sustainability as an eco-capability

This paper aims to identify the dynamic capabilities that foster organizational resilience towards sustainability. The results indicate that to develop organizational resilience towards sustainability, both in theory and in practical terms, the actions required are long-term plans, regular meetings, benchmarking, communication between areas and distinct hierarchies, partnerships and eco-efficient actions. Regarding human aspects, the leader’s behaviour and shared culture are the means to encourage, educate and exemplify sustainability for all in the organization.

Credit: Ana Augusta Almeida Souza, Marlon Fernandes Rodrigues Alves, Nayele Macini, Luciana Oranges Cezarino, Lara Bartocci Liboni, (2017) "Resilience for sustainability as an eco-capability", International Journal of Climate Change Strategies and Management, Vol. 9 Issue: 5, pp.581-599,
Republished as open access by Emerald Insight (CC BY 4.0)