1. Introduction to a Sustainable Future

Review class discussion points

Required readings for this week: Jackson, et al: Introduction (p. 1-4 ) / Robertson: Ch. 1

Additional assignments for this week:

  1. Review Participation Guidelines for this class
  2. Get together as a group and discuss how to plan your service-learning project. (proposal due week three for approval; poster and presentation due week 14).
  3. Familiarize yourself with the service-learning project guidelines & evaluation/rubric)
  4. Divide up the tasks associated with service-learning and map out an action plan for who will be undertaking what tasks. Draft an outline for your group proposal and find an appropriate organization that meets your goals and the requirements of the service-learning office.
  5. Create a simple word docx. to chart progress of your action intention (progress chart due week 14).

Are you on track?

  • Up to date on your required reading?
  • Tracked your intention today?
  • Completed your additional assignments for the week?
  • Started drafting your 1000-1200 word ‘Sense of Place’ essay? (due week 4)
  • Underway with your proposal for your service-learning? (presentation due week 14)