What are the obligations of present generations to the future of the earth?

Kathleen Dean Moore, philosopher and nature writer

Kathleen Dean Moore reflects on the obligations of human societies in the present to future generations and future social-ecological systems for a range of reasons, some of them pragmatic and others governed more by ethical principles. As a moral creature, Moore emphasis that the human being is obligated to safeguard the existence of the most vulnerable both now and in the future, including children, marginalized societies and threatened species. The knowledge systems that we have inherited and continue to develop, in both scientific and non-scientific traditions, speak to the wisdom of precautionary principles of care and planetary stewardship.


Bifrost gratefully acknowledges Prof. Robert Boschman of Mount Royal University and the leadership of the research network NIES for all their valuable work and support behind the scenes that helped make the interview excerpted in this video possible. Grateful acknowledgment is also made to Mount Royal University and the conference Under Western Skies 2016, where the interview was filmed.