What is the knowledge-deficit theorem and how do we overcome that fallacy?

Kathleen Dean Moore, philosopher and nature writer

Philosopher and nature writer Kathleen Dean Moore unpacks the idea of a “knowledge deficit theorem,” the fallacious notion that societies only need to be apprised of the facts to draw sound conclusions about what they need to do overcome challenges (mitigating climate change, for example). In the absence of a discourse about values, Moore argues, it’s simply impossible to get from the facts to a decisive course of remedial or preventative action.


Bifrost gratefully acknowledges Prof. Robert Boschman of Mount Royal University and the leadership of the research network NIES for all their valuable work and support behind the scenes that helped make the interview excerpted in this video possible. Grateful acknowledgment is also made to Mount Royal University and the conference Under Western Skies 2016, where the interview was filmed.

Credit: Hartman, Steven, Peter Norrman and Kathleen Dean Moore. What water security vulnerabilities in Canada concern you most as a scientist? Originally published in bifrostonline.org, 18 June 2018 (CC BY-SA 2.0)